Trafficking Culture: Getty to return artwork to Sicily

                I decided to take a look at the article Getty to return artwork to Sicily, written by David Ng and Jason Felch. This article takes a look at a terra cotta head of the god Hades acquired by the Getty museum in 1985, they have voluntarily decided to send it back home to Sicily. Records show that the museum paid something like $530,000 to Maurice Tempelsman. It is believed that the head was looted from the archaeological site of Morgantina, Sicily in the early 1970s. Due to fragments they compared to the head, scientists were able to determine its origin. This makes someone wonder what else out there has been looted and acquired by the museums under false pretenses. I find it rather interesting that the Getty museum is voluntarily giving back the head and not fighting for the right to keep it. This in turns makes me wonder about the laws surrounding these looted objects, are there any at all?

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