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Voyant Tools

Folks, on THURSDAY this week, as part of our discussion, I want you to try using Voyant Tools to see the differences in the ways historians and archaeologists discuss their ways of knowing. Here are some tutorials and how-tos on using Voyant.

Voyant Tools can be found here.

Start with ‘Getting Started‘ if you’ve never explored Voyant before.

Then, go to JSTOR and download 5 articles related to the ancient history of Rome. Try Greece & Rome or the Journal of Roman Studies. Avoid anything obviously archaeological, at least for now.

Upload them to Voyant Tools, beginning with the earliest and finishing with the latest (this means that the output of Voyant will be chronological, allowing you to see change over time). Make a note of the unique URL for your corpus, and keep it somewhere safe.

Do the same thing again with 5 articles related to Roman archaeology.

Now- with the two corpuses in front of you, what are some patterns in word use that you see? You can respond via the comments to this post; include your corpuses’ urls too.

A video overview for Voyant Tools may be watched here – note how you save the URL for your corpus via the cogwheel icon at the extreme top right of the interface: