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I’m glad you’re here! Roman archaeology and Roman history do not always intersect. If you’re reading this page, I’m hoping that you are interested in learning how we can write one from the other. Perhaps this is the first time you’ve ever really considered the problem. What I hope will happen is that you will use this website as a node in your own personal learning environment (and I can help you build one of these), joining our conversation. The simplest PLE could be a basic blog where you keep track of your thoughts as you work through the materials. At their most complex, you could set up a site like this one!

Is this a MOOC?

This is not a MOOC, at least not by the lights of businesses like Coursera or Udacity. I am not interested in piling ’em high and teaching ’em cheap. Rather, I’m trying to turn my teaching inside-out, to expose my class to the wider world, and to invite interested folks to follow along for themselves (my teaching philosophy is here). It’s more a philosophy of open-access, connectivist, joined-up teaching. Ideally, you would use your own blog (or space here) to respond to discussion prompts, post your own creative scholarly works (see assignments), and offer constructive criticism as we work towards understanding how history is written from archaeology. Download the Zotero plugin for Firefox to keep track of any academic work you read and your own research notes. Tweet interesting articles and projects you find. Tag all of this so that it can be aggregated here. You don’t necessarily need to complete all or any of the assignments, in order to participate. I’m happy with whatever level you feel inclined to choose. I will attempt though to offer feedback on any of the major projects that open participants complete. If this strikes you as an experiment in which you’d like to take part, please fill in the form below, and I will send you more information closer to the start date. (If you’re reading this after our September 2013 start date, fill in the form anyway and you can jump right in!)

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